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We provide resources for families, and medical professionals who deal with the challenges of Asperger Syndrome, Autism, and Pervasive Develomental Disorder / Not Otherwise Specified. (PDD/NOS)
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  2017 August News and Events:
  The disabilities community is celebrating the failure of the repeal of Obama Care as sent to the Senate.
This would basically destroy healthcare and Medicaid benefits for a huge majority of the disability community.

However, stay alert and aware, As this fight Is Long from over. To learn the latest developments On Capitol Hill concerning disability rights And health coverage, stay In touch With the Autism Society (formerly the Autism Society Of America). They are the leading advocacy voice In Washington, DC. For those Of us who live With autism. We address your needs As higher functioning individuals, but As Is the voice For us all In advocacy. 

  Check out our New Books on Autism.     
  Our organization has connected with so many families and professionals around the world. To date, we’ve heard from folks in 119 countries. We are proud to be the first North American organization to address the issues and needs of higher-functioning individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome.      
  Our donations and funding have been decreasing, as well as subscriptions to our newsletter. This is due to the difficult economy.  Therefore we have suspended the newsletter.  However, there are so many other sources of good information concerning higher-functioning individuals with autism spectrum differences. An excellent example of this is the Autism Spectrum Quarterly and the online magazine Disability Scoop.     
  In order to deliver information and advice more quickly, we will be posting it with blogs on the website.     
  Why should you support ASC as well as the Autism Society? The answer is simple. The Autism Society is our source of legislative advocacy and wonderful national conferences about ALL levels of autism. ASC directly addresses the needs of
those with level 1 autism, also known as Asperger Syndrome. Since we have no funds available for advertising, we don’t
get the big donations that the Autism Society and other groups get. We rely on local grants in Indiana and your donations. 
  As your CEO and founder, I will occasionally enter thoughts via our Facebook page and in an article or two and a blog on this website.     
  We extend our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and co-workers of Keith Myles, Ph.D. Dr. Myles was the President of Autism Asperger Publishing since its inception. Keith made a difference in many lives of families living with autism and the professionals who help them. He will be missed by all.     
  Parents living near our ASC (MAAP) offices are mourning the passing of Mary Michael. Mary was a beloved teacher and friend to individuals with autism and other differences. She never found a child who couldn’t learn. She never gave up on a “problem child.” The world will be a little less sunny without Mary and her Mary’s Kids activities. We send our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. Many thanks to those who sent memorial contributions to ASC in Mary’s name. Please see our Facebook page for a list of donors. Proceeds will benefit Mary’s annual campout for families who live with autism in Northwest Indiana.     
  As always, I remind you…     
  Susan Moreno     
  If you have questions please email us via “Contact us”. Once a week we will try and answer questions. If your need for answers can’t wait (and we realize that is often true), we suggest you contact the Autism Society’s information line 1.800.3AUTISM (1.800.328.8476).  
  You can use our new phone line to leave messages. Please leave an email address and talk clearly. We will answer you via email, as it is more time efficient. Our new phone is (219) 789-9874.   

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